Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Let our professionals in Pittsfield, MA run an auto diagnostic test

Your check engine light isn't just a friendly reminder to take care of your vehicle - it's an urgent message warning you about potential danger. When your car needs attention, take it to Berkshire Performance LLC for an auto diagnostic test.

We'll learn what triggered your warning lights and make the necessary auto repairs so that your car is safe to drive. Stop by our repair shop in Pittsfield, MA today to have us run diagnostics on your car.

Don't ignore the warning signs

How many times have you ignored a warning light on your dashboard? Many drivers wait days or even weeks before contacting a mechanic, which can result in serious engine damage. You'll want to bring your car to us for an auto diagnostic test if you notice one of these is lit up:

  • Check engine light
  • Tire pressure light
  • Battery light

You'll save yourself time and money by catching mechanical problems early. Speak with our auto repair experts today about your car issues.