Is Your Car Battery Dead as a Doornail?

Is Your Car Battery Dead as a Doornail?

Arrange for roadside assistance in the Pittsfield, MA area

You won't have to worry about your dead battery when you call us. Berkshire Performance LLC offers jump-start services in and around Pittsfield, MA. Thanks to our partnership withTechNet Professional Automotive Service, our crew now offers 24/7 roadside assistance for any vehicle issues you may be facing. If you spend more than $25 on one of our services, you'll earn coverage for an entire year for any roadside problems you encounter.

We'll come to your rescue right away. Call us at 413-464-7871 now if your vehicle needs a jump-start.

What else can we do for you?

Our roadside assistance services include:
  • Basic jump-starts
  • Battery replacements
  • Fuel delivery services

Whether you're stuck in your own driveway, in a parking lot or on the side of the road, our crew will come to you. Contact us ASAP whenever you need help.