Does Your Truck Need More Clearance?

Does Your Truck Need More Clearance?

Consider a truck lift in Pittsfield, MA

Trucks are bulky, and redesigning them isn't easy. But if you have a truck that doesn't quite do everything you need, Berkshire Performance LLC can help. We can install a truck lift kit and install all kinds of truck accessories at our shop in Pittsfield, MA. We'll make customizing your truck easy.

Whether you want increased performance or extra utility, all you have to do is choose the truck accessories you want. Then, our skilled mechanic will get to work modifying your truck to suit your needs. We have extensive experience upgrading trucks. You can rest assured that your truck is in good hands. Update your truck by contacting us today.

The types of accessories we install

From simple upgrades to total overhauls, you can rely on us to make all the modifications you want. In addition to a truck lift, consider installing...

  • Cargo racks, shelving, toolboxes and storage solutions
  • Grab bars, running boards and towing equipment
  • Specialized off-roading or safety lights

Call 413-464-7871 today to set up truck outfitting services.